Machine Scrubbing Work

How Does Machine Scrubbing Work And Why Is It Superior?

At first glance, it is easy to realise that machine scrubbing is a far more efficient method for cleaning than manual cleaning. But have you also thought about the other benefits of choosing a professional machine sweeping and scrubbing service? At Scrubbing Solutions, we know that using the right tool for the job is paramount to success and gives you better, more satisfying results. To explain, our team decided to share with you some more about how machine scrubbing works and why we know it to be superior.

How Does Machine Scrubbing Work?

Commercial and industrial grade machine scrubbers work using a combination of processes to ensure optimal cleaning and time efficiency. These scrubbers work by spraying water and cleaning solution, followed by brushes that can aggressively scrub off any grime and dirt that is present, and finished by a vacuum and squeegee process to suck up the dirty water ‒ all in one pass. These scrubbers also have special pads to dry the floor as you go!

What Are The Advantages To Machine Scrubbing?

We know all about the dangers of dust and have discussed it at length here. So how does machine scrubbing address this? Here are the benefits of using a professional machine scrubbing service:

  • Ensures a more efficient and thorough cleaning that takes less time and creates longer-lasting results.
  • Creates a safer environment than manual sweeping and cleaning in terms of road traffic, workplace operations and hygiene.
  • Minimises the spread of airborne dust particles that can affect the areas and equipment around which you are sweeping or scrubbing.
  • Highly efficient in terms of labour cost and labour management. Remember you simply need to hire us and we take care of all these details, which means that you don’t have to.
  • Uses multiple processes, including scrubbing and suction actions, to achieve greater results.

In a nutshell, you are ensuring a more effective result with less hassle in a shorter period of time by choosing a professional machine scrubbing service. Say goodbye to dust by getting in touch with us. Contact our Scrubbing Solutions team at (021) 472 782 or fill in the convenient contact form.