Sweeping Solutions


Could your company’s premises need a Sweep? Spot the Scrubbing and Sweeping Difference!

Scrubbing and Sweeping Solutions Ltd is an independently owned and operated company specializing in all internal and external industrial and commercial sweeping of Warehouses, Car parks, Body Corporates and Sports facilities.

Scrubbing and Sweeping Solutions prides itself on completing all work to the highest possible standard efficiently on time, with minimal disruptions to all work places.



Do you have a dusty floor?

Litter and rubbish lying around?

Problems with excessive tree leaf fall?

Dust settling on your stock?

Fork hoist tyre dust a problem?

Green slime in your curb and channels?




  • Eye irritation
  • Health Issues
  • Respiration problems
  • Contaminated Product

With new environmental friendly Sweeping machinery, including a new battery operated emission free Sweeper, Quality is assured.


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