Scrubbing Solutions

Could your floors need a scrub?
Spot the Scrubbing and Sweeping Solutions difference!

Scrubbing and Sweeping Solutions uses the best chemicals available to remove all dust, grime and stains that can occur on workplace floors.

All chemicals used are MPI Approved and NZFSA Approved (New Zealand Food Safety Authority). Meaning that Scrubbing Solutions is able to scrub all workplaces that store, manufacture, package and transport food grade products in New Zealand.

Scrubbing and Sweeping Solutions has many clients in the food processing, storage, warehousing and packaging industries. So you can have the best possible floor scrubbing service available, ensuring you have a clean safe tidy environment for your employees and any products stored or manufactured onsite.



Scrubbing and Sweeping Solutions will be provide a no obligation site inspection, recommendation and quote to your company at no charge!


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