Dust Dangers

Dust Dangers To Commercial & Industrial Properties

Fact: Dust is a danger. And because health and safety should be a priority in any commercial and industrial property, let’s take a look at some of the hazards, dust poses to your Auckland business and why machine sweeping and scrubbing your floor areas are essential.

Why Is Dust So Harmful?

Dust is the term given to large or fine particles of dirt, made of anything from pollen to pet dander and everything in between. While we may do our best to keep dust from settling on surfaces inside, it’s the unseen dust that poses health hazards.

When inhaled, dust particles can become trapped in lung tissue, causing potential life-threatening illnesses, triggering immune reactions, or even passing on infections.

The reality is we’ll encounter dust everywhere, but dust varies in type. Toxic dust comes from chemicals, and irritant dust can come from handling materials such as tobacco and sawdust.

Why Dust Needs To Go

Not only is dust harmful to humans, but dust buildup in your commercial and industrial property can increase wear and tear on the building’s infrastructure and your business’s equipment and even damage stock like perishable goods. Some dust is also flammable, which presents fire risks. Damaged property means decreased productivity and profit loss, all of which can be avoided with maintenance.

How To Reduce The Risks

First, it’s always good practice to follow New Zealand’s health and safety regulations for your working commercial or industrial property.

In some working environments, you could consider:

  • Mandatory wearing of dust maks or other protective gear.
  • Ensuring buildings are well ventilated.
  • Encouraging health and wellness amongst employees.
  • A preventative sweeping and scrubbing cleaning schedule.

In commercial and industrial properties where there’s bustling of human life or manufacturing materials being stored or handled, it’s vital to prioritise removing dust. Unfortunately, those go-to spray-bottle common cleaners don’t always do the job. This type of cleaning is best left to professionals with experience and industrial-grade equipment.

Why Scrubbing Solutions Is the Only Solution

As specialists for indoor and outdoor sweeping and scrubbing solutions for industrial and commercial properties, we’ve tackled our fair share of dust. Whether you own a car park, school, construction site or Warehouse premises, we’ll remove dust efficiently through powerful machine sweeping and scrubbing. We use MPI approved chemicals that target dust build-up at the core, with advanced sweeping machines removing dust to 5 macrons, And we can clean without disrupting your business operations!

Protect your employees and your property from dust by scheduling a clean from your trusted floor scrubbers in Auckland. Contact us today.